We would like to convey a special “Thank You” to every loyal customer who has contributed to our growth throughout the years. We look forward to continue to build the trust that is required for a long-term successful relationship.

To our Real Estate Agents:

We know there is a lot of competition out there from other escrow departments and providers and in many instances, you have stepped up to assert your right to recommend the most protective and effective escrow provider to your client(s). We have discovered that Buyers and Sellers associate their escrow servicing experience with the Agent that recommended them and therefore we strive to be the best representation of you. For seeing us as an extension of you and the exceptional service you provide, and for continuing to refer us … we thank you!

To our Lenders:

We are honored every time you choose us to provide you with escrow services instead of using a title company’s escrow department. It takes a sophisticated and successful person to recognize that it often times is more expensive and more time consuming to choose an overburdened provider who is unable to prioritize your transaction nor take care of your client(s) as delicately as needed. We know you want your clients to continue to come back to you for their refinancing needs and we pay utmost attention to them so they continue to associate a good escrow experience with you. We truly appreciate your loyalty and we thank you!

To our Corporate Lawyers:

Thank you for continuing to allow us the opportunity to service your transactional needs. For many, our relationships go back 35 years and you continue to praise us for being your most exacting, impartial, and professional choice. We cherish our professional relationship and we’re excited to be part of your continued success.

To our network of Buyers and Sellers:

We understand your work load and priorities to get on with life after a sale. As such we have improved our operations to facilitate the escrow process for you. We keep in mind your sales contract deadlines and communicate whatever is needed from you and/or the other party every step of the way — essentially “sweating all the small stuff” so you don’t have to. We do this with the ultimate goal of providing you with the best customer service experience possible. We thank you for recognizing our work and for continuing to choose us as your preferred escrow provider.