Blackmore Escrow was founded in 2003 with a mission to be the most exacting, impartial, and professional provider of real estate, refinance, and corporate transactional escrow services in Southern California.

Our company is the best possible neutral third party to complete your transaction because we are independently owned and operated.  As such, we are not affiliated with, nor owned, in whole or in part by any financial institution or related entities which may have direct or indirect economic ties to your transaction.  Consequently we can provide unbiased, balanced judgment, and deserved privacy to the escrow process.

We stand for the highest standards and principles in the Escrow Industry.  By keeping to these standards, as well as providing superior and incomparable service, we have built a brand costumers can trust.  There are sharp differences in the quality of escrow providers.  This fact has been repeatedly confirmed for us by many current customers who have reported that they experienced important differences in our performance versus the performance of their former escrow provider of choice.  We are particularly proud of this fact because it confirms that we are selected based on our competence and not because a customer was compelled by a real estate company, bank, or title company to use their affiliated or ‘in house’ escrow services.

Collectively our top three executives have over 100 years of experience!  As such, we have a proven track record of managing and providing successful escrow results and the skill, judgment, initiative and expertise to deal with time-sensitive and complicated Real Estate Sales, Real Estate Refinance, and Corporate and Bulk Sales transactions.

We have performed escrow services for thousands of For Sale By Owners, Owners who are represented by Sales Agents and Brokers, hundreds of Banking institutions, and many of the most prestigious corporate law firms in America, including their domestic, multinational, and international public and private business clients.  Small or large, we handle every transaction the same … with the utmost attention, insight, and confidence.