Blackmore Escrow is the best possible neutral third party to complete your transaction!

Our company stands out because we guarantee the following:

  1. Total Independence
    We are an independently owned and managed company.  We are not affiliated with, nor owned, in whole or in part by any financial institution or real estate entity which may have an economic interest in your real estate transaction.  The potential risk of a conflict of interest when an escrow company is actually owned or affiliated with a lender or Real Estate Company is real and problematic.  Do your homework by specifically asking if the escrow company recommended to you is affiliated with any Real Estate Agent or Mortgage Broker involved in your transaction.  If the answer is yes … beware.  Furthermore, please note, some name brand escrow providers in Orange County claim they are ‘independent’, but some of these claims are simply not so.
  2. Maximum Regulatory Protection
    a.  Because we are legally licensed with the Department of Business Oversight (‘DBO’) of the State of California (the agency which overseas and severely regulates a variety of financial businesses, certain fiduciaries, and lenders), our escrow operation is held to higher performance standards and scrutiny than other escrow departments including those of the largest name brand banks in California.  As such, we must adhere to the strictest qualification and experience requirements in the industry.  Our Owners and employees have been subjected to state and federal criminal background checks, and we also undergo rigorous and regular unannounced audits.  We are also a member of the Escrow Agents’ Fidelity Corporation and maintain required surety bond coverage.  All this is important to you because these stringent standards are designed to protect you – the consumer – from illegal acts, errors, and trust shortages. Refer to this chart to compare us to other escrow departments.
    b. In addition, we adhere to a daily, very disciplined, security screening process of reconciliation in an effort to safeguard our operation against cyber hacking and further protect your funds against fraud.
    c. We have also implemented necessary policies and safety procedures that protect your personal information and make us more than ready and able to comply with any new lender requirements and closing instructions relating to the CFPB TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule.  Furthermore, our escrow software will integrate with Closing Insight™, an industry standard workflow center to facilitate the exchange of information during lender servicing transfers.
  3. Highest Standards
    We stand for the highest standards and principles in the Escrow Industry and we adhere to a strict code of ethics, which allows us to assure that your transaction will be handled properly.  Furthermore, as a member of the Escrow Institute of California, we are authorized to perform escrow services under the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) and the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Dodd Frank Act).
  4. Best Processes
    We understand the importance of being able to connect with a dedicated professional who brings experience and reliability to the escrow process.  Accordingly, for Real Estate Sales and Refinance transactions, we assign you to an escrow officer with at least 25 years of experience.  In addition, all corporate transactions are assigned a team of two professionals, an Executive with 40 years of merger and acquisition experience and an Escrow Officer with a minimum of 30 years of escrow experience.
  5. Better Price
    Our fees are the most competitive in the industry, particularly when compared to the fees charged by the escrow departments of major banking institutions.
  6. Superior Service
    Our team of skillful and responsive professionals welcome the opportunity to personalize our services to accommodate the specific escrow requirements of our clients at all times.  We understand the urgency of on-demand communication and the importance of connecting to a professional who knows and understands the details of your transaction.  Therefore, your assigned Escrow Officer will answer the telephone, return calls and emails promptly, and always remain available.  Also, in our corporate area, we permit our clients to use the form of escrow agreements of their choice.  Unlike banking escrow departments, we do not compel others to use any ‘required’ forms.  Instead we are always respectful of the documentation our clients prefer, and we review and comment on these documents with lighting speed.
  7. Deserved Privacy
    Your privacy is of utmost importance to us.  Accordingly, all escrow records are secured by lock and key.  We do not sell, nor give, nor allow anyone else unauthorized access to your contact information.  And because we are entirely independent from any banking or lending institution, bank-offices will not be marketing their private wealth or other related services to you.